The immobilizer system of each car differs from one manufacturer to another, each implementing simple or very advanced systems with many components that are part of the anti-theft system. The immobiliser system generally includes the engine computer, immobiliser module, electric steering wheel lock, electronic or transponder key, automatic gearbox or other manufacturer-specific components.
      For correct operation, all computers belonging to the immobilizer system must be synchronized with the same data, otherwise starting or sometimes moving the car is impossible.

The services offered on this segment are multiple:

Reading PIN code from immobilizer system

VIN writing (identification series)

Adaptation of immobilizer/gearbox/engine computer security data

Other manufacturer-specific immobilisation adaptations

Write/change PIN code in immobilizer system

Adaptation/removal/cancellation of electronic or transponder keys

Cancel immobilisation system from engine computer

Electronic steering wheel lock adjustment/removal/removal

Virginizare/Adaptation of used immobilisation components

Auto Keys

Automotive Solutions Romania offers car key programming services for most of the existing brands.Using state-of-the-art tools we can program keys for a wide range of cars, most of which are in stock or can be ordered at short notice.

The key programming services are exclusively dedicated to individuals or legal entities who provide documentary evidence of the car for which the service is requested!