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ECU Software Updates

Software version update in all control units (ECU) that support this function (most car brands).
Software upgrades are often required to fix problems with correct operation by the manufacturer changing the management parameters of each unit.
Software updates can solve problems of correct engine operation, fuel consumption, frequent regeneration, irregular running, incorrect gear shifting, etc.
Thus, when problems are reported by vehicle users during the warranty period, software engineers develop new versions to fix the problems that need to be implemented in the ECU. Today's cars are truly complex computers on wheels that can consist of up to 80 interconnected control units.
Generally the most commonly used software updates are on the engine and gearbox computers, but software updates can occur for most control units.
The software update service compares the current software version with the software version available on the manufacturer's server. This shows if there is a new software version compared to the installed one. At the VAG group in general you can also downgrade the software version, i.e. you can go back to an older software than the one currently installed on the control unit (ECU).
Software upgrades are performed with original dedicated brand tools, special professional interfaces for ecu programming or J2534 compatible interfaces.
With the software update function, we can install the original software in the control unit if it has been corrupted, installed incorrectly or a change has been made that is no longer desired.

The chiptuning operation consists of reading, modifying the software and rewriting it in the engine management unit or automatic gearbox as appropriate. The reading of the software section that deals with the operation of the engine and/or its parameters can be done in several ways depending on the control unit (ECU) mounted on the car. The Automotive Solutions team uses the latest innovations in ECU reading/writing and TCM automatic gearbox, so most of the time the operation is done without removing the ECU from the engine.
Choose to make software modifications only with original tools, otherwise there may be subsequent problems with the engine computer (if it has been improperly disassembled) or problems with the engine management software if it has been written partially or with wrongly modified parameters without being customized for each car according to the number of km, engine wear, working regime or others.
Automotive Solutions always analyzes the customer's request for software modification so that there is total satisfaction with the requested changes. The great experience in the field speaks for itself in these cases as well, having in its portfolio a multitude of cars and trucks, the behaviour after the chiptuning modifications being informed beforehand to the customers.
We do not recommend chiptuning software on cars that have running problems, high mileage or particulate filter problems. Consult Automotive Solutions experts before each modification for a correct recommendation!

Below you can see an example of a catalogue with most of the cars and trucks together with the power data expressed in hp and NM on the original and later modified software.
ECOTUNING - parameter changes to optimize fuel consumption
STAGE 1 - parameter changes for gaining between 10 - 30% of standard power
Modifications on request - modification of certain parameters at the customer's request, of the functioning of certain components or deletion of errors from the software depending on the reported problem.